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Greetings from our Principal

Greetings from our PrincipalI am delighted you are taking a moment to visit the British School of Geneva website. I am confident that these pages will convey a rich sense of who we are. The descriptions and images below reflect our diverse and international community, and vibrant student life where tolerance, motivation, resilience and respect for others are fundamental and permeate every aspect of school life.

Our students mean the world to us. We are proud of them and of the results they achieve. Our teachers and administrators know each student, recognise their strengths and differences, and encourage them to develop their skills and abilities as:

Successful Learners… who enjoy and understand their own learning and who know what they need to do to make progress and fulfil their potential,
Confident Individuals… who are equipped with the skills to adapt to and cope with an ever-changing global society, and
Responsible Citizens… who demonstrate a commitment to themselves, friends, family, their local community and the wider world.

The English National Curriculum we teach provides a relevant, broad and balanced education for each child. However, as we recognise that all children are unique, we do not stop there. Not only are our class sizes small enough to provide each student with a tailored and well-rounded academic experience, we also develop leadership and interpersonal skills through language, literacy and communication.

BSG students grow in confidence as they prepare to take on the challenges and opportunities that exist in 21st century society. Through our use of up-to-date technologies, we enhance engagement, creativity, innovation and independence. We are gratified that our students did not miss a single day of learning during the closure imposed by the COVID pandemic and, should this unfortunate situation repeat itself, we will continue to deliver our normal excellent standard of education throughout.

At BSG, the student-parent-school partnership is paramount and enables children to not only attain their full potential, but to enjoy school as happy and aware individuals. Learning is not confined to the classroom. Our students participate in a broad range of cultural and extra-curricular activities that complement and enrich their course work.

I hope that you will come to BSG to meet our wonderful students and staff, take a tour and see for yourself what sets us apart from other private schools in the area.

I look forward to welcoming you to the British School of Geneva!

Mark McCullough

Our Vision

The British School of Geneva (BSG) was created in response to an ever-growing need in Geneva for private, anglophone education and a specific demand for the English National programme. We offer the cohesive English National Curriculum from Reception through to A-Levels, so we are an obvious choice for students transitioning from, or returning to, a British based curriculum.

BSG is the only international school in the region to offer British A-Levels (Years 12 and 13) since 2005, and our programme is open to students of all nationalities and educational backgrounds who wish to specialise in certain subjects. A-Level courses allow greater flexibility to students who have specific areas of strength - we build on and further develop these strengths, thus enhancing their prospects for entrance to universities around the world.

Our recently launched programme, The Ark, is unique in Geneva: an English-language centre for autistic teens, part of a mainstream school, teaching the English National Curriculum as well as the life skills these children will need in further education or when they seek employment. We are proud of this programme and of the opportunity for true inclusivity it affords.

BSG is an international school and we are delighted to have students from over 70 nationalities enrich our lessons, our hallways and our playground with their various cultures and perspectives. Our teachers and pupils also benefit greatly from contributions from our parent community to classroom and extra-curricular events.

We limit our class groups to a maximum of 18 students (maximum 14 in A-Level classes) so that our teachers can tailor lessons to suit individual learning needs. Our size also allows teachers, directors and administrators to know each student and their family and to maintain regular, highly-personalised and proactive communication between school and home.

Despite our small classes, we keep fees at an affordable level. We wish to make private education as financially accessible as possible for families in the region and we are proud of the value we provide.

Our school will always be small, will always provide high-quality tuition in English and will always remain reasonably priced as compared with other international schools. These are our commitments to families who place their trust and their children in our hands.

Our goal is not to imitate or compete with the large international schools in the Geneva region. Indeed, our aim is to be different and in doing so to offer more choice to parents and their children.

History and Organisation

We welcomed our first students in 2005 as the A-Level College, offering a unique opportunity to anglophone teens in the region to pursue this internationally valued and recognised diploma. In 2009, we expanded as our organisation was granted permission by the Geneva Education Department (Département de l'instruction publique) to open Geneva Secondary School in our new purpose-built building. Two years later, our authorisation was again broadened to include our Primary School. Beginning in 2011, our Primary, Secondary and A-Level programmes were re-grouped and renamed The British School of Geneva. We are proud to have launched The Ark Centre for Autism, a specialist programme dedicated to preparing autistic teens for life.

The British School of Geneva is owned and managed by the International Schools Partnership (ISP), a leading group of private international schools, recognised across local communities and the global education sector for amazing learning. ISP is a truly international group working in different cultures and speaking different languages, currently made up of 52 schools in 15 countries, each of which puts learning at its heart.

The British School of Geneva is proud to be an Associate Member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS), a member of the Geneva Association of Private Schools (AGEP) and a member of the Swiss Federation of Private Schools (FSEP). Additionally, we are inspected regularly by the Geneva Education Department. If you would like to see a copy of the previous BSO/COBIS inspection report, please contact the Head of Administration, Ms Hodgkinson Smith (

We are a recognised examinations centre for the UK Examining Authority EDEXCEL and are authorised to run A-Level and IGCSE examinations.

Our School

Beautiful Premises:

The British School of Geneva operates in a modern, purpose-built site which provides an outstanding environment for learning to take place. Classrooms are spacious (especially with a maximum of 18 students per class) and all are graced with plentiful natural light. Our main three-storey building has a private playground complete with climbing frame and a range of equipment for sport and play.

For a small school, facilities are exceptional. a fully-equipped science lab, ICT suite, art studio and theatre mean that all specialist subject needs are catered for.

A library, nurse's station and dining hall ensure that BSG students benefit from large school amenities while enjoying the advantages of a more intimate instructional setting.

Directly adjacent to our main building are, on one side, our newly-expanded and renovated A-Level Centre complete with plentiful study space for students, as well as a larger library stocked with thousands of new books, and specially designed amenities for The Ark Centre for Autism. On our other side is a car park with ample parking for parents and visitors.

Students have the option of subscribing to our hot lunch programme. Our caterer holds the Fourchette Verte quality label and can accommodate a range of dietary restrictions.

Access and Security:

The school is situated on the main road through Châtelaine, 2 minutes from the motorway and just a 10-minute drive from the United Nations at the heart of the international quarter of Geneva.

Each of our buildings has one secure, supervised entrance for students, staff and visitors. The large recreational area is also completely enclosed, thus offering maximum protection for children. Students can be safely dropped off by car using the driveway loop in front of the main door.

The school is well served by public transport; 4 bus routes stop right outside the building. A transport service covering the right bank of Geneva and neighbouring France is also available.

Our Staff

All of our teaching and classroom support staff are qualified, experienced and hold a recognised university degree in their chosen field as well as an appropriate teaching qualification. Most have previously taught in the British education system and all are involved in regular professional development.

Thanks to our low student to teacher ratio, BSG teachers are able to adapt their methods and teaching styles to suit the needs of individual pupils. With the benefit of personalised attention and a school culture that fosters tolerance, resilience and pride in achievement, students of all ages remain highly motivated in both their academic work and other activities.

Complementing and working closely with our teaching team, our Special Educational Needs Coordinator and Head of Pastoral Care ensure that students have the academic, emotional and social support they need to perform to their potential while feeling confident, happy and secure. When further assistance is required, our school Psychologist may also be involved.

We offer an after-school care programme for younger students as well as a range of extra-curricular programmes including Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music and Drama.

BSG students participate in field trips, skiing outings, UN charity events and visits to museums and other cultural sites.

We are proud that our older students have taken part in and distinguished themselves at the Model United Nations, the European Maths Challenge and History Bee and Bowl competition.

Our Programmes

The British School of Geneva offers education in English to 4 to 19 year-olds.

As we follow the English National curriculum, our academic programme is divided into 4 sections: Early Years, Primary, Secondary, and A-Levels.

The sections follow slightly different timetables in order to allow us to effectively manage the challenge of having 4 age groups on one campus.

Early Years and Primary Sections which children grow their wings

In Reception year, children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Complementing the fundamentals of communication and language, as well as personal and social development, teaching focuses on specific areas of learning including literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts. In this early stage, carefully planned play forms an important part of children’s development and learning.

In Years 1 to 6, children follow the curriculum outlined in Key Stages 1 and 2 covering a wide range of subjects including Mathematics, English, French, Science, Humanities, ICT (Computers), Visual Arts, Music and Physical Education. View full syllabus details.

These first years of a child's education are vital for developing their critical thinking and problem solving skills and, as such, we have created an environment in which our young students feel empowered to ask questions, safe to meet challenges head on, and accompanied on their journey towards reaching their full potential.

This is a time in which to instil a love of learning that children will carry with them throughout their lives. Our small class sizes permit our teachers to tailor their lessons to suit individuals' abilities and learning styles. The positive and supportive environment throughout our school and the personal attention each student receives form the basis of BSG's difference and are cornerstones of our success.

Students will graduate from Primary school with a solid academic foundation upon which to build and the confidence and curiosity to strive for ever greater academic heights.

All those successfully completing Year 6 with us are guaranteed a place in the Secondary programme.

Secondary section which children take flight

In the first three years of Secondary school (Years 7 to 9, known as Key Stage 3), all students follow a broad curriculum of general academic subjects. This core curriculum consists of: Mathematics, English, French, Science, History, Geography, Art, ICT (Computers), Citizenship, Drama and Physical Education. View full syllabus details.

At the end of Year 9, the curriculum content becomes more specific as students begin a two-year programme (Key Stage 4) leading to IGCSE examinations ( Students at this stage study the core subjects of English Language, Mathematics, French and ICT, and optional subjects selected amongst English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, History, Geography and Art.

Our Secondary programme provides increased focus on core skills such as reasoning, analysis, research and leadership, which are fundamental to students' continued success. Our teachers are not only watchful over academic results but also provide pastoral care assisting students' emotional development on their path towards the later stages of their education. Again, our small class sizes foster a truly supportive and personalised environment that is critical during these decisive years.

In these more senior stages, our students demonstrate an increasing openness to and appetite for the world around them. At BSG, we encourage their enthusiasm for learning and assist their development through cultural projects which make the most of Geneva's natural setting, leverage our city's geopolitical importance and explore the diversity of its people.

Students successfully completing Year 11 with us are guaranteed a place in the A-Level programme.

A-Level College which young adults begin to soar

Our A-Level college is a natural stepping-stone for students following the English curriculum and IGCSE programme. Students must select 3 (or 4) subjects which are studied in modules. Exams take place at the end of each year ( BSG is an approved teaching and examination centre for EDEXCEL, a major UK exam board, and all examinations take place on BSG premises. This 2-year programme of study leads to university entrance and is open to students aged 16 and above, of all nationalities and educational backgrounds.

Subjects are offered according to student preferences and include English Language and Literature, French, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, History, Geography, Economics, Art, and Information Technology (IT). Modern foreign language such as German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese can be requested for a moderate additional fee.

A solid performance in 3 A-Levels represents a passport to entry into UK universities, European Union universities, Swiss universities and many North American universities, including those with European campuses.

For students with clearly identified areas of strength or interest, specialising in fewer main subjects is a better fit than programmes with numerous compulsory subjects such as the International Baccalaureate, the French Baccalaureate or the Swiss Maturité.

The A-Level programme is a transitional phase from a structured secondary school environment to the relative freedom of university life. Accordingly, students are encouraged to explore their passions and achieve excellence in their chosen subjects, while benefitting from the necessary tools at their disposal in terms of personalised support from teachers, counsellors and school directors. Particular attention is paid to the refinement of increasingly called-upon time and workload management skills.

As classes sizes are deliberately small, with a maximum of 14 students, we are able to offer intensive individual care and on-going tutorial support. Regular meetings among students, parents and staff are a critical factor in the success of the A-Level programme at BSG.

This is an exciting time in young people's lives and one in which their choices will largely determine their future. We understand the importance of attentiveness to students' results and the need to guide and support them in selecting their next challenges.

International Learning Opportunities for Students

...through the International Schools Partnership

As part of a global group of school, our students benefit from being part of a wider international community that provides many educational and cultural opportunities for learning. These programmes will enable our students to experience and learn about different cultures and traditions, build friendships with ISP students from other countries, and develop transferable skills such as critical thinking, teamwork and leadership.

During the 2021-2022 academic year, we will run 6 ISP International Learning Opportunities for Students covering a wide range of topics, so there is something for every student, no matter where their passions or interests lie.

  1. Virtual Buddy Exchange: Students will embark on a round-the-world online journey, reach out beyond their own school community, and meet other ISP students from across the globe, virtually.
  2. Maths Challenge: Participants will go head-to-head with students from other ISP schools in this week-long online maths competition using the award-winning Mathletics platform.
  3. Futures: Committed to building a more environmentally sustainable world, at team of students will deliver their own student-led environmental project in the school.
  4. Chess Tournament: This international competition brings teams of ISP students together to play fast chess in an online tournament, competing in regional heats leading to the finals. The best players will have the opportunity to play against a chess grandmaster.
  5. Street Child United (SCU) is the official charity partner of ISP. Through this partnership, our students will have the opportunity to connect with and support some of the most vulnerable young people in the world.
  6. ISP TEDxYouth@ClaremontSchool: Students from participating ISP schools across Europe will share short talks and serve as a source of knowledge and inspiration for young people around the globe. One student from BSG will be selected as a “TEDx Youth Speaker” and will attend an event at Claremont School in East Sussex, UK. The theme of this event is “Young voices, Big ideas”.

The Ark Centre for Autism

...preparing Autistic teens for life

Launched in September 2020, this specialised unit is dedicated to providing English-speaking teens with autism an opportunity to develop their academic, social, personal and employability skills. Students in The Ark follow a curriculum based on their Individual Education Plan (IEP) which is reviewed each term.

In addition to delivering the English National Curriculum, BSG is registered with ASDAN, whose programmes and qualifications help young people develop knowledge and skills for learning, work and life. Based on students’ levels and needs, ASDAN modules taught could include such topics as Expressive Arts, Preparing for Adulthood and Living Independently.

The daily schedule in The Ark is designed to best accommodate students’ learning, sensory and social skills needs. Accordingly, morning sessions are geared toward developing English language and Mathematics skills from a functional perspective, and advancing in other academic subjects including French.

Afternoons, the focus is on expanding practical skills with the aim of achieving greater independence and employability. Activities, each conceived with a specific goal and delivered to best suit the level and learning profile of each student, include cooking, social skills outings in the community, managing a small budget, and shopping trips using money.

The Ark’s dedicated space was designed to address the learning needs of our students, with particular attention paid to providing a suitable sensory environment. We have two classrooms: one with traditional layout for teaching a small group, and the other in which students can work at TEACCH stations for more independent sessions and learning consolidation activities.

This centre also has a kitchen in which students practise cooking and related life skills, as well as a messy play area, and a sensory room for breaks and quiet time. Importantly, as The Ark is not rigidly structured around the timetable of the broader school, teachers have the flexibility to adapt and shape students’ days as required.

We are committed to both inclusion and reverse inclusion. Students enroled in this programme enjoy breaks and lunches with their mainstream peers, and participate in school-wide events and activities. Some students in The Ark may choose to join mainstream lessons, if and when it is appropriate. Happily, The Ark welcomes select students from across the school to participate in life skills sessions and other small group activities, such as cooking and crafts.

The Ark is an integral part of the British School of Geneva and adheres to the same standards of excellence, student safety, care and respect as the school as a whole.

Financial Terms

In keeping with our philosophy of making private education as financially accessible as possible, our fees are deliberately kept at a level which is very affordable compared to those of the other international schools in the canton of Geneva.

Annual Tuition Fees for 2022 / 2023

Early Years
Reception    CHF 19’490.-

Primary Section
Years 1-2    CHF 21'190.-
Years 3-6    CHF 21'790.-

Secondary Section
Years 7-9    CHF 22'990.-
Years 10-11    CHF 23'990.-

A-Level College
Years 12-13    CHF 25'990.-

Tuition fees include charges for books and stationery. They do not include exam registration fees (Years 9-13), uniforms (Reception to Year 11), or outings and trips. Details regarding the cost of our optional lunch programme and transportation service are available through our school Administration or on the enrolment forms available in the Downloads section of our website.

Learning support, including enrolment in The Ark Centre for Autism, and sessions with our school Psychologist entail additional charges. Complete information can be obtained by consulting our Director of Admissions at

A one-off capital development fee of CHF 3'000.- per child is charged upon entry to the school. A registration fee of CHF 950.- is applied every year.

Payment plans are available upon request.


We invite you to submit an application for admission to the British School of Geneva using our form which can be found here or obtained by phoning +41 22 795 75 10.

For students already attending school, applications must be accompanied by a recent report from their current school, in English or French. In all cases, a completed Health Questionnaire must also be provided.

Detailed entrance requirements by programme are available through consultation with the Director of Admissions. Some special needs can be catered for but these should be discussed in detail and in advance at

Non-English mother-tongue students are welcome provided their level of English allows them to follow the curriculum effectively - we are a school for children of the world.

Applications are accepted throughout the year, although the allocation of places is subject to availability.

Why choose the British School of Geneva?

The British School of Geneva occupies a unique place on the landscape of private education in the Geneva region.

We offer a single and coherent curriculum leading to A-Levels in contrast to other schools with different curricula in the different sections. Core subjects are taught in English and we do not impose bilingual education on our students, though the French language is an important and compulsory part of our syllabus.

Our highly-qualified and experienced teachers achieve excellent results in our Primary, Secondary and A-Levels sections, challenging and guiding students through the English National programme. Accordingly, BSG is ideal for those coming from or returning to a British type educational system.

Today, BSG hosts children and young adults from over 70 nationalities who come together as classmates and friends. We are an international school and our students' lives are immeasurably enriched by sharing their histories and cultures during lessons and extra-curricular activities.

Importantly, one of our priorities is to manage enrolment and class sizes to ensure personalised attention and effective communication among school staff, children and their parents. At BSG, children thrive because they feel known, safe and empowered to grow intellectually and emotionally.

We are committed to providing excellent value in education. Our tuition fees compare very favourably to those of other private schools in the region, thus making BSG accessible to many families who wish to invest in their children's education and future.

We are proud to highlight that our alumni have been accepted in universities in the UK, Europe (including Switzerland), North America, Asia and Australia to study their subjects of choice.

If you would like a nurturing and child-centred alternative to the bigger schools, consider us.

Schedule a visit to see for yourself what makes us different. We look forward to welcoming you.

Job Opportunities

An Extraordinary Place to Work

At the British School of Geneva, encouraging our students’ enthusiasm for learning and supporting their academic and emotional growth is at the heart of everything we do.
We are always seeking talented and passionate individuals to join our staff. Those interested in a position within our school are invited to submit a CV by email to:

Employment opportunities currently available at the school:


None at this time.


Secondary Learning Support Assistant


None at this time.


The British School of Geneva

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